St Johns
River Doodles

After much consideration, St. John’s River Doodles has made the decision to stop breeding. Thank you to all the wonderful families we have had the pleasure to meet and place our precious puppies into your homes. We will always be available for you!❤️

The Duke

Rooster Cogburn

Annie Oakley

Calamity Jane

Gene Autry

Roy Rogers

Dale Evans

Belle Starr

Rowdy Yates

Interested in purchasing one of our miniature australian labradoodle puppies?  

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Read the
Adoption Policies

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Fill out the Puppy
Application Form

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Upon Application Approval
Pay $300 Deposit

Feel free to call with any questions at (386-524-5929)

Previously Adopted Puppies...

Zoe playing with her ball.

Zoe digging for buried treasure!

Tank is two!

Snowflake is two!

Epic Dog Pixie in California

Finley turns two!


Baby Nugget