St Johns
River Doodles

Our first little girl is now four weeks old. We call her Tiffany. She is playful and loving.

We call this boy Brownie because he looks so delicious! He is showing off his white chin, neck, and chest. Such a handsome fella!

This gorgeous boy is as good-natured as they come. He's laid back and loves to cuddle!

Our apricot and white Parti boy is the biggest of them all, and he always wants to play while the others are napping!

We call this little one Leo. Though he is small, he is always curious and busy trying to find something to crawl in or out of. Leo the Explorer!

We call this girl Angel because she has such a sweet nature...but don't be fooled...she loves to play with her brothers and sisters!

Our last surprise was another girl! She's the smallest pup but we think she's a jewel...thus we call her our littlest Jewel!

Puppies napping in their beds!

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